As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ideas are cheap. Execution is priceless.
Be someone that gets it done.


What was I thinking? Was all I was thinking as Team VictriX took the field at the SoCal Regional Affiliate WOD 1 event. Hey, I am just the girl with the blender. I am in excellent health, love my job, have an amazing family, happy with my life, what more could there be?

I had been in deep denial that I was even at UC Irvine for this challenge. A competition? Well, I have had no aspirations to take my CrossFit experience and throwdown. Sectionals? Nope, only back in the box a couple of months and not confident. But now, a team, with the focus being about the experience, that was the crack in the door. It might be fun.

Fun it was...after the butterflies died off during suicide sprints. Actually, it wasn't really that fun, yet. The team executed with 1 full round of individual efforts strung together. Sprints, 30 DB thrusters, 10 Ring dips, next! The set of 30# DB thrusters were brutal. Could I actually rip off 30 of these? I had to. Don't think, just do. They had to be to standard too. Hey, I am a metcon junkie, what is the deal with these weights? Use your legs or you will die. The last thing I wanted to hear was 'no rep'. Being a judge at the NorCal Sectionals was an eye opener to the lack of form a lot of CF athletes practice. Breathe and count them off. The number only goes down.

I am not sure exactly how I felt when all was said and done. Fun wouldn't be the word that I would have used. I think I was in a fog. Ring dips scaled, I was thrilled that I finished, but had a new respect for pushing my limit. That was HARD for me. The good news was, I was on the afternoon team to do the second team WOD too! I am here of my own free will. Yee haw~ 30# one arm DB snatches, lots of them ;-). Why couldn't they be kettlebells? Why did I continue to doubt the possible. Sometimes it is you up

A spin around the multiple competitions that were going on showed feats of strength that were impressive. The human potential is inspiring. Housewife, business exec, athlete, all on the same playing field getting it done. CrossFit brings out the primal in all of us. Time to refuel, rest and take it all in.

Late afternoon approached and our team set out for warm up. The weather was warm and we knew the track would be hot, be prepared for some sweat. Doesn't the back of my affliate shirt say something like...I'm not sweating, my muscles are crying. Strategy set, no butterflies, I was more focused on reps, reps, reps, run, snatch, pull. That was my job. Do it right, do it fast.

NOW we are having fun. This was the highlight of the weekend for me. Our team worked so well together. We didn't prepare as a team for this event but we knew the drill. We finished a group run, 500 db unders, 250 snatches and 125 pullups in just over 21 minutes. Exhausted and elated I walked away breathless and ready for some meat!

Knowing that the rest of the team still had one more WOD to complete tomorrow kept the excitment of the weekend flowing, but as for me... Ahhhhh! I could take my sore and sunburnt body and relax. It's not often that one does a CF workout more than once a day and I was ready to kick it and enjoy the sites.

Still can't find our live stream online, but I heard it is there. Our heats were 10:50am, 4:50pm and 8:50am.

I still have no aspirations to be a bad-ass or the top performer and I am not always the most motivated. But I show up consistently and strive to do my best each day. I check my ego at the door because some days are really tough, the only easy day was yesterday and keep my sites on those goals for PR.

I CrossFit because I love it. Bullied to try it, challenged to do the work, driven to continue. I love the community, the love/hate relationship with the WOD's, the excitement of the white board. It helps to make me the best person that I can be physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thanks to my trainer, my teammates and our support posse. These are wonderful people who have lives, loves, challenges and experiences outside of the box and have the courage and spirit to bring it consistently. I love sweating with them, training them and cheering them on as they inspire me and coach me through those times when I need it too.

The trip home was the biggest challenge of the weekend. Among a myriad of ridiculous trials, an unexpected stay in Bakersfield, two new tires, chipped tooth, speeding ticket, pouring rain and a very patient passenger, I found myself back at rep 27 of the thrusters thinking, "finish this damn thing! It'll all be over soon. I wonder what's on the white board today?"

Find the crack ~jgirl

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Arlene Gaylord said...

What an awesome pic!! Also love the blog post...You rock.