As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What are you going to do?

This little slogan found online by Ted at CrossFit Folsom Lake reminds me of the 'Just Show Up' mantra. You never know what might be in store for you some days, but you won't know if you aren't there.

Equally as important is 'Honor the Work, Honor the Rest'. Will it be a run or walk today, will you scale and get your ego out of the way so that you move forward instead of back. Is it fear of succeeding when you reach beyond what you thought was possible? Because those days are plentiful when you push it to the limit.

Maybe it is a day to find your breathing rhythm. Anyone ever read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior (Dan Millman)? You may perform an amazing human feat though awareness, listening to your body, from the inside out.

Thanks Robert (PHYZYKS)for pointing out the need to acknowledge and connect to the diversity within...the path emerges...aligning your powerful potential.

So...what are you going to do?

As I find myself back in the box, sore, blistered and mentally in my own way, I promise to do my best... in those moments there is no place that I would rather be. ~j

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Moon Craziness

It was a beauty! Until our region clouded over and more rain~ If you were lucky enough to enjoy the brightest and biggest of 2010 I hope it was a sight.


Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of 2010 – Fri Jan 29, 7:45 am ET

Tonight's full moon will be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. It offers anyone with clear skies an opportunity to identify easy-to-see features on the moon.

This being the first full moon of 2010, it is also known as the wolf moon, a moniker dating back to Native American culture and the notion that hungry wolves howled at the full moon on cold winter nights. Each month brings another full moon name.

But why will this moon be bigger than others? Here's how the moon works:

The moon is, on average, 238,855 miles (384,400 km) from Earth. The moon's orbit around Earth – which causes it to go through all its phases once every 29.5 days – is not a perfect circle, but rather an ellipse. One side of the orbit is 31,070 miles (50,000 km) closer than the other.

So in each orbit, the moon reaches this closest point to us, called perigee. Once or twice a year, perigee coincides with a full moon, as it will tonight, making the moon bigger and brighter than any other full moons during the year.

Tonight it will be about 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than lesser full Moons of the year, according to

As a bonus, Mars will be just to the left of the moon tonight. Look for the reddish, star-like object.

Full moon craziness

Many people think full moons cause strange behavior among animals and even humans. In fact several studies over the years have tried to tie lunar phases to births, heart attacks, deaths, suicides, violence, psychiatric hospital admissions and epileptic seizures, and more. Connections have been inclusive or nonexistent.

The moon does have some odd effects on our planet, and there are oodles of other amazing moon facts and misconceptions:

A full moon at perigee also brings higher ocean tides. This tug of the moon on Earth also creates tides in the planet's crust, not just in the oceans.

Beaches are more polluted during full moon, owing to the higher tides.

In reality, there's no such thing as a full moon. The full moon occurs when the sun, Earth and the moon are all lined up, almost. If they're perfectly aligned, Earth casts a shadow on the moon and there's a total lunar eclipse. So during what we call a full moon, the moon's face is actually slightly less than 100 percent illuminated.

The moon is moving away as you read this, by about 1.6 inches (4 cm) a year.

The moon illusion

Finally, be sure to get out and see the full moon as it rises, right around sunset. Along the horizon, the moon tends to seem even bigger. This is just an illusion.

You can prove to yourself that this is an illusion. Taking a small object such as a pencil eraser, hold it at arm's length, and compare its size to that of the moon just as it rises. Then repeat the experiment later in the night and you'll see that the moon compares the same in both cases. Alternately, snap two photos of the moon, with a digital camera or your cell phone, when the moon is near the horizon and later when it's higher in the sky. Pull both photos up on your computer screen and make a side-by-side comparison.

Astronomers and psychologists agree the moon illusion is just that, but they don't agree on how to explain it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ultimate Fast Food!

Thanks Green For Life ;-). Winter, spring, summer or fall...there is a green smoothie that can be enjoyed and is packed full of healthy nutrients.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Get your Green On!

Green Lemonade Recipe ~

Click and enjoy!
New thinking about what we are eating!

FRESH the movie

FRESH is more than a movie, it’s a gateway to action. Our aim is to help grow FRESH food, ideas, and become active participant in an exciting, vibrant, and fast-growing movement.

When I write we, I don’t mean our small team (officially two of us, with lots of amazing helps from our interns and volunteers) but I mean YOU. All of you. FRESH is a grassroots efforts for a grassroots movement. It’s been tremendously exciting to see the movie catch on and spread like wild fire, being used all over the country as a platform to raise awareness and connecting people to the solutions available in their community.

Within a month of our launch, we’ve received over 20,000 visitors and hundreds of screenings have already been organized. We want to reach 1 million folks. Not just because that would totally feel nice to our ego (mine especially!), but because, we believe that FRESH can truly help get us to a tipping point, when sustainable food will no longer be just a niche market.

Please help us reach 1 million people (to start with that is.) Organize a home screening or a community screening. Get in touch with us, let us know what we can do more and better. We’re open!

I am thrilled to see that work that is being done to 'free our farmers' and create awareness around quality of food for our communities.

I will be organizing a viewing of the movie FRESH and invite you all to attend or find one in your local area. You do have a voice, you do vote with your dollar and you can make a difference right in your own backyard.

Smile and know that what you put into your mouth, chew and digest fuels your body, your life, your contribution to life on earth.

Enjoy! ~j

Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Over It!

The five recommendations in the article below are not just options for recovering from vaccinations but are good practice for reaching and maintaining above average health. Because I believe that they are such key factors I am going to list them at the top here too with my 2 cents attached. ~j

  1. Do regular cleansing. - Take a short period of time out of your normal routine. Intermitten fasting, one day or a 3-7 day herbal program or one of the many options that give your body a break and an opportunity to rejuvinate. Seasonally is my favorite time to check in with this. Breathe, stretch, nourish.
  2. Clean and support your liver. - The liver is a workhorse. We live in a world with many toxins and our exposure is in excess. Supporting the function of the liver can be a bit like taking out the garbage in your house. Food, herbs, homeopathics, emotional release can all provide your liver with a well earned house cleaning.
  3. Get a massage. 'nough said!
  4. Think Green...drinks green! By now, you should know that I am a fan of the green smoothie. Truly a stellar way to bring life into the body. Green juices are fantastic as well, but not quite as convenient. So find your favorite green and enjoy it daily! Rotate, explore, revitalize.
  5. Smart use of technology. To measure, monitor and protect. - This one is pretty loaded. We are surrounded by technology. Positive and negative. For out for the zappers, your cordless or cellphone, wireless internet, EMF (see Dirty Electricity) and the list goes on. Bio-feeback scanners can help to identify imbalances in the body as an option to support the elimination of pesky symptoms or imbalances. This is such a broad catagory, just be aware and begin there :-).

Vaccinations: How to Recover

(NaturalNews) Vaccinations cause various problems that have led to their becoming controversial more than ever before. Because we now know more about what happens. In this article, we plot a step-by-step route to recovery from their effects.

While some studies show that nearly 40% of those surveyed are seriously considering not vaccinating their children, the majority of those surveyed were vaccinated themselves. (1) Generally, the medical profession thinks of the dangers of vaccinations in terms of deaths or retardation due to adverse reactions to vaccinations. Many parents may think about autism concerns. Actually, the dangers of vaccinations are far more widespread and certain in two important ways.

First, vaccinations interrupt normal immune development when given before immune system maturity. When given after, they serve to hyper-excite one facet of the immune system in its relation to four other stages of natural immune system response. Normally, the immune system goes from:

  • - you smelling a sick person to
  • - contact with the mucus membranes to
  • - the blood (the specific area targeted by vaccinations) to
  • - byproducts of pathogen breakdown which then requires activity in the body cells and the lymphatic system.
When one part is over-excited, the others may not function adequately, and the one targeted is likely to react excessively and ineffectively, such as in the case of allergies and auto-immune disease.

Second, vaccinations also deposit a foreign protein (or protein particle) and its attendant cocktail of chemicals (and possibly heavy metals) into the body without natural processes (e.g. injury) to alert the body to repel any invaders. History has shown us sadly that these particles may end up deposited in the body somewhere - usually an already weak area.(2)

These two factors (immune mal-development and deposited supertoxins) have long been criticized by outspoken doctors as possible contributors to rising rates of cancer and other diseases. (3) According to Dr. Richard Schulze, the London Journal of Medicine published two articles in the 1890s which voiced the concerns of medical doctors that cancer rates had quadrupled since the introduction of the compulsory vaccination act there.

Fortunately, today we know more about how to recover from the ill effects of vaccinations than ever before. Following is a formula that can be followed to that end. Also included is a short explanation of each:

  1. Do regular cleansing - monthly or seasonally. This helps your body to start cleaning out areas which normally would be ignored as a low priority.
  2. Clean your liver vigorously. The liver is in charge of monitoring weak areas of the body and can change digestive chemistry and cravings to suit the needs of a needy area of the body. Unfortunately, due to clutter from stones, stress and toxicity, the liver may never have a chance to do this as it should.
  3. Get a massage. The massage therapist will work areas of your body that are not normally attended.
  4. Think green...drinks! Raw chlorophyll regenerates blood and enhances resistance to EM radiation and the resonance of heavy toxins.
  5. Utilize technology to fight technology by using bio-energetic devices that promote healthy vibration in your home. Technologies such as Quantum Biofeedback can specifically target hidden poisons and the ill resonance they set up in your body.

Thank you for reading,Kal Sellers, MH

References:(1)Riekman, Guy. "Rights and Responsibilities." 2007, Life University. Marietta, GA.(2)Fallon, Joan. "Autism- New Hope." 2008, Life University, Lyceum Speaker.(3)Mendalsohn, Robert S. How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor. New York:Ballantine, 1984.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving as One

Leadership and Responsiveness

Wonderful little OM today. Key thought...shared vision. Enjoy! ~j

If you have ever seen a flock of geese fly overhead, you know how difficult it is to tell who is leading whom. The geese move in swift syncopation as if they are all responding instantaneously to the same cues, tapped into an unseen force that directs and guides their movement as one. It is the same way with wild horses or a herd of buffalo. Yet in all these cases, there is a leader who has established his position through demonstrations of strength, ability, and dominance. The total cohesiveness of these groups is a symbol both of excellent leadership and an excellent ability to follow. It takes both of these qualities for any group or system to work well.

In human communities, it is not always easy to establish who should be leading and who following. There are many reasons for this, including but not limited to the fact that our ways of determining leadership are less instinctual and therefore less clear. It is very rare that everyone is in complete agreement as to who should lead. In the big picture, of course, competition is a positive factor, preventing stagnation and entrenchment. However, in smaller groups, when a leader is truly called to the position and her constituency is responsive to her leadership, an enormous amount of work can be accomplished. This tends to work only if the individuals in the group share a powerful, heartfelt common goal. This goal is the unseen force that directs and guides the group so that they can move as one.

A flock of geese winging in unison across the sky can serve to remind us of what we can accomplish when we surrender to the greater good. When any group of people moves as one, there is a leader at the helm who has sacrificed his or her individual ego to the larger vision of the group and followers who have done the same. When the ego is subdued, it is easier to sense the right way to go and correctly choose the leader who can best take us there. Like a flock of geese, we move swiftly and harmoniously toward our shared vision.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Primal compliant, Paleo lovers just adapt a bit and enjoy!

Roasted Squash and Turkey Soup!

Don't miss this one~ j

Monday, January 11, 2010

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It is an offshoot of a one year exploration of my most passionate interests.