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Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Over It!

The five recommendations in the article below are not just options for recovering from vaccinations but are good practice for reaching and maintaining above average health. Because I believe that they are such key factors I am going to list them at the top here too with my 2 cents attached. ~j

  1. Do regular cleansing. - Take a short period of time out of your normal routine. Intermitten fasting, one day or a 3-7 day herbal program or one of the many options that give your body a break and an opportunity to rejuvinate. Seasonally is my favorite time to check in with this. Breathe, stretch, nourish.
  2. Clean and support your liver. - The liver is a workhorse. We live in a world with many toxins and our exposure is in excess. Supporting the function of the liver can be a bit like taking out the garbage in your house. Food, herbs, homeopathics, emotional release can all provide your liver with a well earned house cleaning.
  3. Get a massage. 'nough said!
  4. Think Green...drinks green! By now, you should know that I am a fan of the green smoothie. Truly a stellar way to bring life into the body. Green juices are fantastic as well, but not quite as convenient. So find your favorite green and enjoy it daily! Rotate, explore, revitalize.
  5. Smart use of technology. To measure, monitor and protect. - This one is pretty loaded. We are surrounded by technology. Positive and negative. For out for the zappers, your cordless or cellphone, wireless internet, EMF (see Dirty Electricity) and the list goes on. Bio-feeback scanners can help to identify imbalances in the body as an option to support the elimination of pesky symptoms or imbalances. This is such a broad catagory, just be aware and begin there :-).

Vaccinations: How to Recover

(NaturalNews) Vaccinations cause various problems that have led to their becoming controversial more than ever before. Because we now know more about what happens. In this article, we plot a step-by-step route to recovery from their effects.

While some studies show that nearly 40% of those surveyed are seriously considering not vaccinating their children, the majority of those surveyed were vaccinated themselves. (1) Generally, the medical profession thinks of the dangers of vaccinations in terms of deaths or retardation due to adverse reactions to vaccinations. Many parents may think about autism concerns. Actually, the dangers of vaccinations are far more widespread and certain in two important ways.

First, vaccinations interrupt normal immune development when given before immune system maturity. When given after, they serve to hyper-excite one facet of the immune system in its relation to four other stages of natural immune system response. Normally, the immune system goes from:

  • - you smelling a sick person to
  • - contact with the mucus membranes to
  • - the blood (the specific area targeted by vaccinations) to
  • - byproducts of pathogen breakdown which then requires activity in the body cells and the lymphatic system.
When one part is over-excited, the others may not function adequately, and the one targeted is likely to react excessively and ineffectively, such as in the case of allergies and auto-immune disease.

Second, vaccinations also deposit a foreign protein (or protein particle) and its attendant cocktail of chemicals (and possibly heavy metals) into the body without natural processes (e.g. injury) to alert the body to repel any invaders. History has shown us sadly that these particles may end up deposited in the body somewhere - usually an already weak area.(2)

These two factors (immune mal-development and deposited supertoxins) have long been criticized by outspoken doctors as possible contributors to rising rates of cancer and other diseases. (3) According to Dr. Richard Schulze, the London Journal of Medicine published two articles in the 1890s which voiced the concerns of medical doctors that cancer rates had quadrupled since the introduction of the compulsory vaccination act there.

Fortunately, today we know more about how to recover from the ill effects of vaccinations than ever before. Following is a formula that can be followed to that end. Also included is a short explanation of each:

  1. Do regular cleansing - monthly or seasonally. This helps your body to start cleaning out areas which normally would be ignored as a low priority.
  2. Clean your liver vigorously. The liver is in charge of monitoring weak areas of the body and can change digestive chemistry and cravings to suit the needs of a needy area of the body. Unfortunately, due to clutter from stones, stress and toxicity, the liver may never have a chance to do this as it should.
  3. Get a massage. The massage therapist will work areas of your body that are not normally attended.
  4. Think green...drinks! Raw chlorophyll regenerates blood and enhances resistance to EM radiation and the resonance of heavy toxins.
  5. Utilize technology to fight technology by using bio-energetic devices that promote healthy vibration in your home. Technologies such as Quantum Biofeedback can specifically target hidden poisons and the ill resonance they set up in your body.

Thank you for reading,Kal Sellers, MH

References:(1)Riekman, Guy. "Rights and Responsibilities." 2007, Life University. Marietta, GA.(2)Fallon, Joan. "Autism- New Hope." 2008, Life University, Lyceum Speaker.(3)Mendalsohn, Robert S. How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor. New York:Ballantine, 1984.

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