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Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's amazing how much passion is behind the smoothie vs. juicing argument...a few comments here from RenegadeHealth.

Here's the quick and dirty...

  • Smoothies contain more fiber, don't oxidize as fast, and allow for slower nutrient absorption.
  • Juices have less fiber, oxidize quicker and allow for quick absorption.
 Now again, this doesn't mean that juices are bad, they just have their place.  We use them as we would a supplement. Drinking an organic vegetable  juice is an opportunity to get great nutrients and minerals straight into your system.

When you juice a veggie, you strip away all the fiber. This makes the nutrients extremely available for your system to absorb.

When you blend a veggie, you break down the fiber making the nutrients easier to absorb, but you still have a bunch of fiber that will slow absorption in your intestines.

When it comes to readily available nutrients, juices take the lead.

Smoothies hands down on this. Put your ingredients into a blender and turn it on. Cleaning with a blender is simple too.

Rinse it out a bit, add some water and soap, then put it back on the
base. Turn it on for a few seconds, then use a sponge to clean out
what's left.

Juicers are harder to clean because they have more moving parts. My fav juicers are the Omega 8300 and the Green Star depending on your price point and purpose.

To get the best of both worlds, you can use your blender to make

Add your juice ingredients to the blender, add some water, and
blend. When you're done, strain everything through a nut milk
bag and you have your juice ready to go.

When it comes to ease, it's not really the smoothie or the juice,
it's the machine. I choose Vitamix all the way!

So raise a glass and cheers to your health. ~jgirl

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