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Monday, March 12, 2007

Currently, about 90 percent of soybeans and 60 percent of corn grown in the United States are genetically engineered, and Funk said the "ability to contaminate the supply is increasing."

Leading Organic & Natural Foods Retailer & Wholesale Distributor Will Test All Their Private Brand Labels for GMO Contamination

This is an opportunity to make some significant changes Since GMO is infiltrating the non-GMO organic foods, measurements and testing will tell a story. Whole Foods private label, Eden foods and Lundberg Farm are all on board with this testing. The fact that they are finding GMO in fields and countries where it has not been planted nor is wanted is awful. Monsanto is going after small farmers telling them that they are owed compensation when the farmer doesn't want the modified crop, and the land is now contaminated! It is an outrage! Many farmers have lost their livelihoods, long time family farms and dignity after being crushed by the Monsanto Giant.

Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

Jerry Garcia's wife, Debrah Koons Garcia, produced a wonderful documentary called 'The Future of Food'...very powerful portrayal, if you have the means to see it, I recommend it is worth your time!

Living non-GMO today! ~j


Mike said... sticking my head in the sand anymore since I've started reading your blog.

Monsanto is EVIL but I had no idea of the extent of contamination in non-gmo food..SCARY stuff!

Thanks for the info J!!

jgirl said...

Knowledge is power! ~j

jgirl said...

Knowledge is power! ~j

jgirl said...

Colombians Condemn Monsanto for Attacks on Nation's Biodiversity with Toxic Herbicide & GMO Seeds

This is a powerful article. Short but potent. Yes, evil is a word that comes to mind. Just remember that we speak with our $$ and the pressure is on. Remember that movie...Sneakers with Robert Redformd an Ben Kinsley...well,

'It's all bout the information!' and of course what we do with that information.

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