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With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hi gang! Great little nugget on CSA from the I just can't mention it foods for a living body! Enjoy ~j

Want just-picked produce without having to do the picking?

The BiteEasy.
Join a CSA (community-supported agriculture) program, where you buy a share in a local farm and receive a variety of produce once a week. You'll get in-season produce without having to pull a single weed.

The Benefits

  • Delicious fresh produce. If you're too busy to put down the laptop and pick up the hoe, CSAs are the perfect shortcut, and some offer home delivery.
  • Less pollution. Only 10% of the fossil fuel energy used to generate food goes into growing it; 90% goes to ads, packaging, and transport.
  • Support for local farmers. Small farms are an endangered species due to competition from big factory farms.

Joining the organic revolution. Many CSAs source food from organic farms.

Personally Speaking - The biggest kick we get out of belonging to a CSA is not knowing what food we're going to get next and trying out the suggested recipes that come with our deliveries - all for about $15 per week.

Wanna Try?
Local Harvest - locate a CSA near you.
Evert-Fresh Green Bags - keep

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