As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Sunday, January 04, 2009

You see things and say 'why?', but I dream things that never were and I say 'why not?'
- George Bernard Shaw


JeffO said...

I used to be more like that. Life has gotten to hectic for me. I don't spend as much time dreaming these days.
Which raises the question, if you're having too much fun, does it mean you're not in a rut? Lots of fun can blind us that maybe our lives aren't as meaningful as they should be.

Oops - I think there's probably an unwritten rule that comments shouldn't be longer than posts?

Happy New Year

jgirl said...

Hectic, now that is descriptive word :-)Where does it come from, how does it get here?

Ooh, good perspective on distractions. And what happens to the dream? I think that it remains, can often take on new form and hovers in the peripheral view, waiting to be joined again, integrated into the hectic and realistic.

I am sure Jeff, there are no rules. Thanks for keeping me in your sites!

Happy New Year ~j