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Monday, October 23, 2006

"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."-- Albert Einstein
Our children...they are under fire as much as we are. Obesity and overall disease is rapidly still on the rise. Attention and behavior disorders, allergies, diabetes and even cancer are creeping in like a mack truck. This is the first generation that World Health Organization has indicated will not likely outlive their parents. WHAT!
According to the American Cancer Society and National Health Institute, up to 60% of these diseases are preventable. You heard it right. PREVENTABLE. For adults and children. With adequate, not even optimal, but adequate diet and lifestyle habits.
WOW! Sounds like a no-brainer and yet at the class harvest or halloween celebration, what is the main nutrient found? How about your neighborhood gathering, playdates, scouts or soccer games? What's for afterschool snack in your house? Usually it is sugar, sugar, sugar, topped off with a little food dye and often some chemicals like aspertame. Now, sugar in a natural form and moderation, well there is within reason. But pretend chemicalized sugar? There are a very scary group of chemicals known as EXCITOTOXINS. Hmmm, might be a contributor to over excited kids? Sounds like there might be a connection, just in the name. This is a very in depth area that is worth looking in to. WE ARE WORTH IT!! For our puposes here today, we will just say:
Feed your children as wholesome as possible. If you are going to switch out package for package, at least you will be eliminating a lot of nasty chemicals that are harming the biochemical make up of your family. Newman's Own, Health Valley, Barbara's...these are better choices for packaged foods. Check out your options. Now that so many people are asking, there are many more choices. You have the power!
Fresh over packaged is best, but one step at a time. At least 1 piece of fresh fruit and 2-3 servings of veggies. If you try to tell me they just won't eat it, then I will ask you who the parent in the family is. And I don't mean force feeding or drawn out episodes. Be the example, offer vareity, let them choose, try something different and make a game of it.
On a political note: How many of the companies that you will buy your trick or treat candy from use child slave labor? Were you aware? Forebes Magazine is -
Below is a link to help you stay informed about creating a healthy environment for your family. Enjoy! ~j


monkey said...

Thanks for the info, I did really good today, I am so proud of myself!!! Now to keep doing good. Eating healthy food isn't the hard part, it's wanting to eat cookies, I am a bonafide sugar addict, hate it. As for my kids, they are all active, skinny, muscular, they look great, but they seem to have that genetic thing for sugar. I agree with you though, I try not to feed my kids junk, but yes, I bake cookies, working on that though. So thanks and I will keep reading your blog and keep ya posted! Oh, my son is ADHD, big time, big time hyper, he's been on meds, but I am taking him off, it's chaos. I did some research so today I started him on fish oil, flax oil, primrose oil and magnesium and some zinc. I am also going to watch his food, hope it works, I'm desperate :)!

jgirl said...

Keep up the good work! If you need to just start by cutting back to half the amount you are baking and keep trying healthier versions. Use whole grain flours like spelt or whole wheat pastry. No margarine. These work great for quick breads to like banana and zuchinni, pumpkin and persimmon are yum too. It isn't about deprivation, but balance.

You are on track with your supplements. There is also a wonderful mineral blend that is well worth it as you get your son balanced. It contains both of the supplements you mention plus so much more. You can find it at it is called Regenesys. The oils are key just be sure they of good quality. The Feingold Diet (pretty strict) or The Schwartzbein Principle are good options. The key here is to take out the food dyes and destructive chemicals.

I am so excited for you!! Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to your updates!! ~j