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Monday, April 30, 2007

Plastic Brains: The Latest Health Craze?
A quick tip from RealAge.

When you hear the word "plastic," you might think of Tupperware, Barbie dolls, and smooth-skinned celebrities. But plastic isn't a bad word, neurologically speaking. Brain plasticity is how scientists describe your brain's ability to reorganize neural pathways as a result of new experiences. This is incredibly important when it comes to your health and aging. It is truly a miracle of the human body.

In plainer terms, a plastic brain will learn -- and retain and use -- information better. So what's the price of plastic? About the cost of a pair of walking shoes. People who are fit have more plastic brains.

Get in step and you'll boost circulation in all parts of your body, including your brain. That's probably why the folks who walked regularly in a recent study were able to focus better on a task, compared to the people who performed only stretching and toning exercises. Walking is so good for your brain that it may lower your risk of dementia as you get older. In fact, walking may be just about the best thing you can do for your overall well-being. Walking can:

Grab at least 30 minutes a day and you'll also help keep your weight in check, boost your energy and stamina levels, and probably handle stress better, too. It's pretty hard to come up with an excuse when you see the laundry list of health benefits, isn't it?

Here's to the only plastic that I recommend! Whatever you do for 30 minutes...Enjoy!~j


Mike said...

Hi J!
I was wondering where this was going with that header...but this is good plastic! *whew*
Great post though...I always push walking to the people I know who don't get regular exercise. It does a body good! :-)

jgirl said...

Whew! is right, sometimes you never know with me...I am glad you are around to pay attention! Thanks my very inspirational friend!

The plasticity of our neurological system is so important. We want things to stay soft in this area. From a healing perspective, recovery, rejuvination. The longer one stays in a health declining state, the more challenging it is for the body to bounce back. This includes free radical damage, oxidative stress or otherwise tenderly known as rusting of our bodies.

The brain is fascinating, but if we don't use know the saying...

The message for the gang...just start now. If you don't really know the state of your health. Find out. Get an annual blood test and functionally look at the ranges. I am continually shocked at how many people have blood sugar imbalances and would never suspect it. This is simple to address, there is no reason for the statistics of Metabolic Syndrome we are seeing.

Can you walk for 30 minutes and live to tell about it? How about touching your toes in a stretch? Can you enjoy those activities you did 10, 5, 2 years ago? How about your love life? Are you on hormones, how's your mood? Energy level when you wake up or around 3pm?

These are all things that are meant for you to enjoy, simply. The common thing I have found over the years is that people are so use to feeling poorly that they don't remember how it was to feel good. Try it!

Take a deep breath and press on! ~j