As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Thursday, February 05, 2009

We never know the worth of water
till the well is dry.

~Thomas Fuller

Talk about getting wet!

We are experiencing an amazing rainstorm tonight...a rare occurrence here in sunny SD, but I am loving it! While others are scurrying for cover, we are jumping in the puddles and welcoming the refreshing downpour.

On other water notes...please consider the quality of the water that you are using indoors as well as the amount of water that you are using on a daily basis. The next two tidbits are pretty informative. Thanks IdealBite! Become a, enjoying the guilty pleasures week! ~j

Coming off of a stressful week?

The Bite
Go deeper - underwater that is. If you're looking for all-out relaxation and a shower just won't cut it, treat yourself to a bath. Just do a few easy things - such as not filling it up all the way - to make your indulgence a little greener, and you won't get in over your head.

The Benefits
  • Not-so-deep water bills. A typical shower uses 12 gallons of hot water, while a bath takes about 20, but if you fill your bath up an inch less than regular, you'll save up to 4.5 gallons.
  • Eco-accessories for shallow wallets. Up the relaxation ante with inexpensive eco-trimmings such as bath salts.

Personally Speaking
Our favorite way to save water in the bath? Bathing with a friend, naturally (showering with a friend works too).

Wanna Try?
  • Save baths for special occasions or stressy evenings.
  • Put the plug in from the beginning to save water (the hot water should warm up the initial cold water).
  • Fill up a couple inches below full.

Last, opt for eco-accoutrements:
What's in the shower with you?

Whoa! This is information you need to know but will likely wish you didn't hear.

Most people fail to realize that taking a typical shower can expose you to nearly ten times more chlorine than you would receive by drinking unfiltered tap water all day long.
  • - a little long, but really, check it out. you'd be suprised what's in the shower with you, especially when it isn't another person!


JeffO said...

Sharing a shower? I'm a solo act.
We are so lucky in Denver. With the water so pure from the creeks, there's virtually no need for chlorine. There is a tiny smidgen in summer, but maybe none in winter.

jgirl said...

Jeff you do know how lucky you are. If I miss replacing my filter by a gallon, I can smell it, the chlorine, it's awful.

As well as watching water you drink when you are out. If I pick up a glass at a restaurant anymore, I can smell the chemicals. Ugh!

So being prepared is the only way to go. Who wants their kids drinking that gunk! ~j