As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Friday, November 03, 2006

Run your fingers through my soul.
For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel,
believe what I believe,
perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine, and for once;
just once, understand.
It is nearly impossible to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Our lives are all very different. So, when I ask you to try new things or open your mind and heart to new ideas, it is with the understanding that for some of you, these concepts may be either familiar or very very new.
I ask for your consideration on topics with the understanding that everyone is in a different place, exploring at their own pace and making changes that are best for their lives and circumstances. Enjoy the journey!
Blessings :-) ~j


Mike said...

Just stumbled upon your very cool blog. The bummer is it makes me feel awfully guilty about my current diet!;-)
Great info here though-thanks!

monkey said...

Okay, here's the deal, I am super, super hungry (exclusively nursing a 3 month old who weighs 15 pounds!) This morning I had about 6 ounces of halibut, then an hour later, still starving I had celery with peanut butter, and an egg. For lunch I had egg salad sandwich with 1 slice of bread. Then not to long later I had a salad with another egg on it. Then the afternoon hit, when I do awful and crash, and I don't remember what I ate. I am trying to eat lots of protein to keep me full. Oh, and trying to drink lots of water. What do you think, do I eat more?? I usually eat two eggs for breakfast, but am so starving like a mad woman in the morning, I thought I would up it to three.

monkey said...

Oh yeah, I also decided to start the Body for Life workouts for me, they have worked in the past (after doing a ton of lunges I will not be able to walk tomorrow). And I am relatively busy, chasing five kids all day, I don't sit down much! (eventually I thought I would torture myself and try this crossfit stuff your brother talks about!)

jgirl said...

Hey Mike! Don't feel guilty!! Just be aware and when you do make some choices, big or will notice that the seed is planted. One of these days you just might suprise yourself. Thanks for the great note! Enjoy. ~j

jgirl said...

Good morning Monkey~ Sorry, I have been away and responded so late.

Add in some sprouted grains like Ezekiel bread or tortillas. Yes, you can eat more. There is no limit on veggies, greens. I would keep your fruit intake to around 2-3 pieces. You can also include some nuts, 'tis the season and they are plentiful. Handful of soaked almonds, walnuts on your salad in your yogurt etc. Avocado is satisfying as well. I am planning to start a recipe blog this week. Will have some dense smoothies for you to consider.

You definately have to keep up the energy, especially if you are now working out. A homemade broth after a workout is very satisfying as well as nutritious.

jgirl said...

ps. yes, the crossfit thing. as soon as I take the time to decode it...I am planning on enjoying it more too! It is really beneficial and I only dabble.

Randy said...

Hey Sis,

Lemme know what you need me to decode. Post up on my blog, maybe others would benefit. I just post em as we do em, so ask what doesn't make sense & I will try & expain or point you to somewhere you can see...

Luv Ya!


Randy said...

BTW.. I love your quote for this post... I may steal it!! LOL!

jgirl said...

Ran...if you say it out loud to someone 3 times, it's yours...that's my rule of thumb anyway :-)