As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Friday, December 29, 2006

The belly has no ears. ~ Plutarch
Hi gang! I have definately been preoccupied with this time away! Now, I am hearing A LOT about over eating, over drinking and just plain desire for the holidays to be over so people can go back to healthier choices.
This is good news, people want to be making healthier choices! Intention YEAH!
Now, just a moment for a little note today. If you are feeling a little over extended in the belly. Consider some cleansing foods. Very simple, easy to digest and help get you back on track for at least feeling good.
Smoothies and Green just can't go wrong here. fresh fruits, greens and the chewing has already been done for you. You can enjoy two of these a day (w/green preferably)for a few days and eat a light meal (sensible portion size).

Water...stay hydrated. Especially if you are enjoying a little extra 'cheer' with your meals. Can't stress this enough. On average, one should consume half their body weight in water per day. Herbal teas are a nice compliment here as well. Mineral rich, tasty...

Soups...these can be so nourishing! Again, easy to digest. Broths, fresh vegetable soups, raw soups if you have a vitamix type blender. They just give you a chance to use energy for cleansing out the yuck by being easy to digest and assimilate.

Just a little tip that I once received regarding holiday cheer...Source Naturals has a little herbal gem called Hangover Formula. Now, I am not a big drinker, so this came in handy for me a few years back when I found myself with an extra glass of wine, or two? It contains herbs that assist the body in the detox process and absorb toxins throughout the evening, or whatever time you may indulge.

Okay! Have to run. Hope you are finding time to breath and enjoy this time before the year becomes new again!

In hope ~j


saeedgh said...

I wonder somtimes how I deprive my body from healthy foods, from water, I could say 4 out of 10 people forget to have enough amount of water per day, and I think that's because of all the unhealthy habbits of eating and drinking we have, mostly affected by the society we are living in, these days.

jgirl said...

This is very true. Society (with advertising in the forefront) has an enormous influence on the habits we have and ultimately the quality of our health. All we have to do it look at the statistics and they are not very supportive wellness and vitality.

Sometimes we just get off track, but the body is extremely resilient when given the chance! In good health! ~j