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Friday, December 08, 2006

WARNING! Trans Fats!

Okay, the dirty words are out of my mouth.

If you are still not aware of the dangers of trans fats, it is time to get the facts. Trans fats are internationally recognized as dangerous to the human body. Dis-ease causing fats that are really more like eating plastic. Yes, plastic. One molecule away from the same chemical make-up. Yikes!

READ YOUR LABELS. Do not provide your children with foods that contain trans fats. They are health inhibiting! Recently in the news NYC is the first state to ban trans fats from eateries. This is a major accomplishment. How is it that we know how incredibly damaging this processing is to the 'foods' we eat and yet it is running rampant out there.

Please look at your labels, ask your food server, bakery and other establishments where you buy your foods. Most packaged foods have hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils (another name for nasty trans fats). Don't accept the deer in the headlights look either, they know and if they don't, their manager does. Based on a nurses' study out of Harvard, just one gram of trans fat is likely to increase the risk of heart disease by 20 per cent if consumed on a regular daily basis," says Prof. Bruce Holub of the University of Guelph.

Healthy fats are a very necessary part of wellness. Don't be fooled by fats in general. Omega 3,6,9's are valuable and health enhancing. They are anti-aging and anti-inflammatory and amazingly replenishing. Healthy fats maintain the integrity of your cell walls, which should be free flowing and wonderfully squishy ( I know, big scientific words here).

Anyone see the juicy juice commercial that has the children dressed as fruit and the one dripping gooey mess that is chemically altered? We can procure change by the informed choices that we make. Choose life, choose health.

Just google trans fats, but here is a group who has made it their mission to ban trans fats.

With happy free flowing cells! ~j


jgirl said...

Happiness does not have one definition. It means something entirely different to each individual. And happiness does not exist in only the big things in life. ~Mark Victor Hansen

Mike said...

Aaaah, not the evil trans-fat!!
tough to find any pre-packaged food without hydrogenated oils...but we shouldn't be eating those anyway right!

Thanks for all your suggestions- I am doing the green shakes (organic spinach, kale, celery) everyday supplemented with "Best of Greens". I do include some whey protein powder,fruit, and ground flax but have totally flipped the ratio so that it is mostly greens now- Pretty darn tasty! ;-)

You provide some great info..SCARY at times but powerful information!

jgirl said...

Hey there Mike! Things are changing, but your are correct...less packaged, better health! It is really the concept of providing our living body with living foods rather than foods that would be considered...dead. They may have some value nutritionally for survival (basic calorie intake) but they no longer offer vitality.

Anyway...awesome job on the smoothies. Now, make sure that you are mixing things up when it comes to greens. Looks like you are right on target, but just want you keep that variety going.

Forgot to leave the warning...these green smoothies can be addicting!! In a good way :-) They taste wonderful and people are stunned when they realize this little gem.

Scary...yes, but necessary to share! Health is knowledge and education is empowering.

Stay strong! ~j