As a peaceful warrior, I would choose when, where and how I would behave.
With that commitment, I began to live the life of a warrior.
~Dan Millman

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hey gang!

Seems like my favorite boys are out and on the loose. Living the life, talking the talk, walking the walk.

Berardi, Wolf and now Sissons. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Sissons last week and he is the real deal. You can get a flavor for him on his blog (Mark's Daily Apple).

I love the fact that the boys have come out of the gate blazing. The primal style of eating is very health promoting and when you combine that with sustainable and conscious habits, well, you pretty much have it nailed. Just remember not to forget your leafy greens, a point that I think is key in a successful primal eating.

So enjoy this interview. Keep it real! ~j

CrossFit Radio Appearance | Mark's Daily Apple

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