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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Your Brain Being Hijacked? Retrain it!

Great set of articles about former FDA chief Dr. David Kessler on the chemicals that are being put in our food (processed foods), that they know what they are doing and doing in with purpose and that it is in our court to retrain the brain so as not to get caught in the stress traps of unhealthy eating.Nice! Enjoy the read and stop to think...what are your stressors, what is your trap, what are your 'bad' food choices?

Hijacked Brain

"The food industry has figured out what works. They know what drives people to keep on eating," Kessler tells The Associated Press. "It's the next great public health campaign, of changing how we view food, and the food industry has to be part of it."

He calls the culprits foods "layered and loaded" with combinations of fat, sugar and salt — and often so processed that you don't even have to chew much.

Retrain Your Brain

At the crux of research on overeating is the question of how the brain is affected by different stimuli. There is increasing unanimity amongst neuroscientists in recent years regarding how the combination of fat and sugar excites dopamine receptors in the brain, releasing a pleasure-response (dopamine) similar to that initiated by alcohol or drugs.

check out the little video on this one. 5 ingredients or less, what would your grandma do? enjoy eating!

Enter a new form of training today! ~j

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