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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Water and Your Bod!

This is the number one issue that I see with my clients. Are you hydrated? It can alter your metabolism dramatically if you 'forget' to make this a health building priority. Not rocket science gang! Now, quality of water is important to so, get educated. Get hydrated. Get it?!

Glug, glug, glug ~j

Pure Water

Like the battery in your car, your cells are responsible for charging you up with energy and vitality. When you feel lifeless, you are suffering from a lack of vital energy, much like a stalled car. Since every body is in essence a rechargeable vehicle, it can be reinvigorated to run smoothly and efficiently; it takes the right fuel and constant care. The second most important element of life itself, after oxygen, is pure water.

Water is the primary conductor of the body’s electric current, and our cells require pure water on a regular basis. Water that is full of impurities and biological incompatible chemicals prevents the constructive interaction of bodily systems and encouraged cancer causing activity.

Pure water is an unrestricted highway on which all intercellular activity moves freely. This unrestricted flow allows the meridian system, the body’s electrical roadway, to stay fully charged at all times, creating a powerful, protective shield that prevents free radicals (reactive atoms that are produced in the body and can damage cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure) from destroying healthy cells. Free radical damage is the cause of disease, premature aging, and all the body’s internal plagues.

The natural metabolic process of the body-including digestion and elimination-create toxic by-products. Because the production of these by-products is a perfectly normal function, they occur even in those who follow the Hippocrates Lifeforce Program. Exercise encourages perspiration and the flow of blood, which cleanse the respiratory and circulatory system of particulates that stifle systemic electrical functioning. Eliminating positions from the body allows greater absorption of nutrients and accelerates all healthy body function.

Hormones, the chemical messengers of the body, flourish in a clean bloodstream, because the communication between cells, tissues, and organs requires a constantly clear channel. Many kinds of brain disorders and body malfunctions occur because of a hormonal imbalance often caused by the absence of clear cell-to-cell directives. Thyroid dysfunction, which is increasing worldwide at alarming rates, has a profound impact on our minds and metabolism. In many people, the pituitary gland, at the center of the brain, is apparently dysfunctional. This core of hormonal generation empowers other glands, so when it produces either too few or too many hormones, all other glands and their anatomical connections malfunction and degenerate-sometimes permanently. Electrochemical charge, the foundation of functional life, must be constantly renewed-with the assistance of abundant pure water-otherwise, our health, emotions, thoughts, spirit, rest, functioning, and movement all suffer.

Here are three steps for success in keeping the water that enters your body pure:

  1. Do not drink tap water provided by local governments. Not only does most of it contain harmful levels of chlorine and fluoride, it is also contaminated with a wide range of synthetic chemical toxins that water purification plants cannot remove.

  2. Do not drink most bottles water. Many brands, such as Aquafina and Dasani, the two best selling brands in the United States, are just municipal tap water that has been crudely filtered.

  3. Do your homework! Purchase your own high quality water filter that is right for your lifestyle and health. Use BPA free bottles, stainless steel or glass for trips to the gym, to work or away from the house. If you don't look into a house filter, consider shower or bath filters (whole new topic!). They are very inexpensive and very helpful at taking out the crud. Especially if you use organic soaps, lotions and other hygiene products.

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